Friday, April 1, 2016

20" Brown from the San Juan River
on a 1/4 oz floating Spinfly Line and small streamer


          Discover an exciting way to effectively cast flies and catch fish!  You don’t have to be a traditional fly caster to catch fish on a fly, any fly, be it dry fly, wet fly, streamer, or nymph!  SPINFLY LINESTM will open the door to new techniques and strategies that not even the most savvy, traditional fly caster has dreamed!

          You can achieve in as little as an hour what has taken many fly fishermen a lifetime of practice to accomplish.  You will make casts and fish special techniques never before possible.  You will make longer casts, need less line control, achieve longer drifts, and discover presentation techniques that are not possible with traditional equipment.  This is the most exciting advance in fly fishing to come along in a lifetime. 

         Whether you are a spin fisherman who wants to learn to fish flies without the expense and a lifetime of practice, or a traditional fly fisherman who wants to learn some new techniques that haven’t been possible before, read on to learn how SPINFLY LINESTM work and discover what they can do for you.